Air Roll Timer

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Author: squibbons
First Uploaded: 08/24/2023
Last Updated: 11/02/2023
 Views: 24369
 Downloads: 12524
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Aerial movement training plugin that displays a random aerial movement command to follow every random seconds.


This plugin is designed to train aerial movement by giving the user instructions on which orientation to fly with until the next instruction is given. This works quite well when paired with rings maps, but works in normal freeplay as well or any other scenario you would use to train aerial movement.

This plugin displays a random aerial movement command (fly oriented forwards, backwards, left, right, air roll left, air roll right) for the player to continuously follow until a new command appears. The commands appear after a random time, set by the user. The plugin does not display during matches and works in freeplay or workshop maps.

Users can control:

  • Enable/Disable plugin
  • Choice of displaying text or a symbol representing each aerial movement
  • Choice of which aerial movements are randomly selected from
  • Random timer min and max values
  • Position of text/symbol on screen
  • Scale of text/symbol on screen
  • Color of text/symbol on screen
  • Alpha value that the text/symbol fades to over time
  • How quickly the text/symbol fades to the alpha value