Kickoff Timer Plugin

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Author: Tavaro
First Uploaded: 08/29/2019
Last Updated: 04/02/2020
 Views: 65787
 Downloads: 42125
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Measures your Kickoff Speed


DISCLAIMER: I do not contine this plugin. I am working on a new one which will include and improve this functionality. Stay tuned!

The plugin shows you how much seconds you have driven from the spawn until you hit the ball. It also shows how long a default kickoff takes and it stores your fastest kickoffs. It should help you to improve your kickoffs especially fast kickoffs.

Its important that u release gas/boost before resetting the shot otherwise the timer will start early. Maybe I will try to fix that in a future update. The default timings displayed are from (almost) perfect double front flip kickoffs with 33 boost. So its not bad if your time is a bit slower its still faster. If you want to know how fast basic kickoff (with just one flick) are just try it out ;)

Martinn#1036 made a Custom Training Pack that works with the Plugin: 2426-9BBA-9BD7-53FB. Don't forget to limit your boost to 33 via the "Custom Training" Tab in BakkesMod when using it (you need to reset the shot to take effekt).

You can contact me on twitch if you have questions or suggestions:


1.0: Initial release


  • Added Timeout for Information Text
  • Added minimum (1.5s) and maximum (4s) of hitting the Ball to avoid false Personal best by teleporting the ball with bakkesmod.


  • Fixed for Rocket League v1.7


  • x64 Build


  • Fixed a crash when getting demolished in local games