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Author: Bakkes
First Uploaded: 10/13/2019
Last Updated: 03/14/2020
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Automatically change volume/play/pause/skip music based on events or (controller) keybindings



What is AudioManager?

AudioManager allows you to control your media client and Windows volume settings from within Rocket League, this can either be set up so music and or video plays/pauses based on certain events (e.g. ranked game start, game end, training load) or by using keybinds (for example dpad up to increase volume)


audio_playpause - Plays/pauses current track

audio_next - Skips to next song

audio_prev - Play previous song

audio_globalup - Increase Windows volume

audio_globaldown - Decrease Windows volume

audio_listaudio - List all running processes with audio output

audio_setvolume [processname] [0-100] - Sets volume of [processname] to given value (0-100 is relative to current Windows volume)

audio_mute [processname] - Mute [processname]

audio_unmute [processname] - Unmute [processname]

audio_globalmute - Mute every Windows process

audio_globalunmute - Unmute every Windows process


Modifying individual processes

  1. In the console, type audio_listaudio and find the process you wish to modify. For example spotify.exe
  2. Use audio_setvolume spotify.exe 50 to set the audio to 50%

Scripting based on events

The plugin GUI allows you to automatically execute certain audio settings based on game events. Change these settings in the F2 menu (under Plugins -> Audio manager). For example, if we're listening to a Youtube playlist, but want to automatically lower the music volume when playing a ranked game, and lowering Rocket Leagues volume when training: Find the process that's playing the Youtube playlist using audio_listaudio. Lets say we're using Firefox, the process will be firefox.exe.

We set "Ranked start script" to audio_setvolume rocketleague.exe 100; audio_setvolume firefox.exe 20; and set "Ranked leave script" to audio_setvolume rocketleague.exe 20; audio_setvolume firefox.exe 100;

Change audio based on keybinds

You can also use keybinds to control your media player and Windows volume. In the settings menu (F2) under "Bindings" you can simply add a keybind that execute the commands declared above. You can also use the console to bind keys to such commands. For example:

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Up "audio_globalup"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Down "audio_globaldown"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Left "audio_next"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Right "audio_prev"

will bind audio up/down and next/previous song to your DPad.