Joystick Self-Check

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Author: AlpacaFlightSim
First Uploaded: 10/21/2019
Last Updated: 03/23/2020
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Visualize and self-check accuracy of joystick inputs


Visualize and self-check accuracy of joystick inputs, externally configured deadzone shape and sensitivity, etc.

Joysticks input accuracy tends to degrade over time. Effects of a joystick degrading may be subtle such as just feeling "off" or blatant in severe cases such as no longer being able to half-flip consistently as was the case for me which prompted making this plugin in the first place.

Self-Check Protips:

  • Joystick should trace smooth and consistent lines
    • Jagged/inconsistent traces may indicate controller needs to be repaired/replaced. Try using compressed air to clean out sensor
  • Try rotating joystick all the way around edge in a circle
    • Default deadzone shape and sensitivity should trace a circle
    • Setting a higher sensitivity with an external tool (such as DS4Win or Steam controller config) will increase size of circle and cut off edges
    • A squared deadzone (changed in Steam controller config) should instead trace a square
    • NOTE: In-game sensitivity is NOT reflected in visualization


When half-flips were becoming very inconsistent/difficult because inputs were inaccurate/inconsistent along top and bottom edges:

What things should look like with a brand new controller:

Another controller after 6 months of [ab]use:

Brand new After 6 months of heavy use

Created by Discord: AlpacaFlightSim#0001 / Twitter: @AlpacaFlightSim