Deja Vu

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Author: adamk33n3r
First Uploaded: 10/26/2019
Last Updated: 02/18/2021
 Views: 35384
 Downloads: 29165
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"Have I ever played against them before?" DejaVu keeps track of the players you've played against so that you can answer that question with certainty!


Deja Vu keeps track of the players you've played against so you can answer the question "Have we not met before, Monsieur?"

Settings for controlling the behavior and visual style of the display are in the F2 -> Plugins -> Deja Vu menu.

  • You can swap between showing your met count and record against/with the players there.
  • You can toggle whether you want the drawable to always be shown or only while the scoreboard is up.

You can contact me with suggestions or issues on discord at adamk33n3r#1933 or on the GitHub repository

Planned Features

  • Ability to choose which data/columns you want shown in the drawable
  • Data view window where you can sort and filter all of your data
  • Display rework and customizability

Known Issues

  • Private matches with spectators seem to cause an infinite freeze. Private matches disabled until a fix is found.



  • Added the ability to only show the drawable ui when the scoreboard is up. Turn it on the plugin settings.


  • Fixed some reported crashes


  • Added support for epic players


  • Added some more safety checks to prevent crashes


  • Disabled in private matches. Was causing issues with spectators that would freeze the game.


  • Fix from v1.3.4 was almost perfect but there was a small chance the issue was still happening. This version fixes that small chance.


  • Attempted fix at the met count = 2 bug for newly met players


  • Update to x64


  • Only shows the * next to names when you're in record mode and the record is 0:0
  • Better text alignment in display


  • Fixed 1v1 displaying Waiting... for your team
  • Shows "You" on the teams area you're on


  • Added toggle in settings to bring back showing the met count instead of the record


  • Fixed issue where it was incrementing met count more than once
  • Turned off logging by default


  • Changed met count to track record (wins/losses)
  • Now shows a * after their name if you've met them before
  • Fixed the casual leaving bug for real this time (crosses fingers)


  • Display width setting
  • Automatic name shortener when too wide


  • X and Y display position settings
  • Moved data file storage into the bakkesmod/data/dejavu folder


  • Attempt at fixing the unranked recount issue
  • Added options for tracking teammates, enemies, or partied players