Deja Vu - Player Tracking

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Author: adamk33n3r
First Uploaded: 10/26/2019
Last Updated: 08/29/2023
 Views: 130439
 Downloads: 110567
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"Have I ever played against them before?" DejaVu keeps track of the players you've played against so that you can answer that question with certainty!


Deja Vu keeps track of the players you've played against so you can answer the question "Have we not met before, Monsieur?"

Settings for controlling the behavior and visual style of the display are in the F2 - > Plugins - > Deja Vu menu.



  • In-game display showing players in current match and how many times you've met them, your record, and custom notes.
    • Can be always-on or only shown when the scoreboard is up.
  • Window for displaying and filtering through all of your data.
  • Add notes to players while in game with the quick note keybind.


  • You can adjust the scale, position, and size of the display along with which data columns are shown.

    • All record column not shown here

    columns scale position

  • You can specify the colors and transparency for different attributes of the display.


  • You can toggle whether you want the drawable to always be shown or only while the scoreboard is up.


  • A window for displaying and filtering all of the data that you have accumulated can be keybound.


  • While in a match, you can use the quick note keybind to bring up a window containing players you have seen that match in order to write a note about them (please use responsibly, like during a replay).


Planned Features

  • More control over the behavior of the table columns in the display (max width, alignment, etc).

You can contact me with suggestions or issues on discord at adamk33n3r#1933 if you are a member of the BakkesMod discord or on the GitHub repository linked above.

Known Issues

  • Private matches with spectators seem to cause an infinite freeze. Private matches disabled until a fix is found.



  • Added ability to toggle drawable columns on/off individually.
  • Set a max width to the name column when the notes column is enabled.
  • Redesigned the layout of the plugin settings window.
    • Swapped colors to use a new color picker widget (should auto upgrade).
    • Generates the DejaVu.set file on the fly.
  • Added a new GUI that displays all of your data in a filterable table.
  • Added new column for showing record across all playlists.
  • Added player notes feature.
    • Can edit any players note in the main GUI and also in a quick-launch dialog while in a match.
    • The quick-launch dialog shows all players that you've seen during that match (even if they've left).
    • Now able to show players notes in the drawable during a match.
  • Both new windows are able to have keybinds set in the plugin settings.


  • Switched to using my new table framework to allow for better sizing/alignment/construction of the drawable.


  • Added the ability to only show the drawable ui when the scoreboard is up. Turn it on the plugin settings.


  • Fixed some reported crashes.


  • Added support for epic players.


  • Added some more safety checks to prevent crashes.

For previous changes, visit the changelog on GitHub here.