Rocket Recorder

BakkesMod has dropped support for 32bit plugins. This plugin has not yet been updated to 64bit. Until the plugin has been recompiled by the author, downloads are unavailable
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Author: godgamer029
First Uploaded: 10/27/2019
Last Updated: 11/29/2019
 Views: 8105
 Downloads: 523
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This plugin allows recording your game at 120hz for use in machine learning applications.


This plugin allows recording your game at 120hz in a similar way as replays do (Currently limited to 1v1).

The replays are saved as flatbuffer binaries. Flatbuffer schematic: More info about flatbuffers:

You can also opt-in to automatically upload your data to a server, so everyone has access to more training data!

This plugin is primarily made for machine learning enthusiasts who are interested in collecting training data for their networks.

Join our discord if you need help or have suggestions: