Top Gun

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 12/03/2019
Last Updated: 04/06/2020
 Views: 7753
 Downloads: 3335
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Multiplayer aerial battleground


This plugin is maintained by the BakkesMod team.



  • Press "F2" to open the bakkesmod menu, navigate to the Plugins tab, and find Top Gun.
  • FREEPLAY: Click "Enable" to start flying around. "Disable" should return you back to normal.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Click "Start Game" once everyone has joined the lobby.

MULTIPLAYER: I recommend using the Canyon workshop map for this mod as it was designed specifically for this mod.

  • Map link:
  • As Host:
  • Press "Home" key to open RocketPlugin (comes packaged with Top Gun).
  • Check "enable workshop maps" and find Canyon.udk. It will be under the greyed out number >1927258546 in the dropdown menu.
  • Set the player limit to 8.
  • Click "Host".
  • If you have your ports forwarded, you can send your IP to people so they can connect to your lobby.
  • As Non-Host:
  • If this is your first time joining this map, follow steps 1 and 2, otherwise skip them.
  • 1. Press "Home", and check "Joining custom map" on the right.
  • 2. Select Canyon.udk and click "Fix map", then restart your game.
  • Get the IP address of the player you are connecting to and put it in the IP text box. You don't need to select "joining custom map" since the game will find that map on its own.
  • Click "Join".
  • Note: if you get password errors, have the host go into the private match setup menu and delete the password from there, or have them set a password and give it to you so you can put it in the password text box.


  • Massive thanks to JsonV for writing the original flight code that this is based off of. Original plugin here:
  • Big thanks to Digby Deathstar, Bakkes, Arator, and glhglh for their help throughout development.
  • And of course many thanks to the playtesters: Ayjent, Rama, Sleegi, Bandi, Dafrisko, Dr. PooGas, Megasplat, and ItsBrank. The feedback from you guys helped immensely.


  • Occasional crashes after enabling then disabling the plugin. After using the mod, I strongly recommend restarting the game before playing ranked to avoid crashing mid-game.
  • Audio cuts out when the camera turns upside down. If you are recording a video, save a replay of the game. You can then use that replay to re-record the audio from player view. In order to view replays on the Canyon map or other custom maps, follow steps 1 and 2 under the "Multiplayer: As Non-Host" section of this page first.
  • Sometimes crashes at the end of a Top Gun game. If you are saving a replay, LEAVE THE LOBBY ASAP when the game ends.
  • Windows 7 seems more prone to crashing, dunno why.
    • Usually happens when you die, so just don't die 4head.
    • Seems to happen more frequently when not playing in fullscreen.
  • Alt-tabbing sometimes crashes upon tabbing back into the game.