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Author: xXxProKill
First Uploaded: 08/06/2021
Last Updated: 09/07/2021
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 Downloads: 18012
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CarSize allows you to scale your car in custom games.



CarSize is a Rocket League Plugin which allows you to scale your car in private matches smaller and larger. This Plugin needs bakkesmod in order to run.



  • The first thing you need is to install Bakkesmod
  • To play a custom game with others you need the Rocket Plugin

Installing the Plugin

You can download the Plugin from the official Bakkesmod-Plugin Website here

Usage and configuration

The slider lets you set the scaling of the car (default: 1x). By clicking "Apply" the setting will be saved.

To avoid weird hitbox behaviour I recommend to use a scale between 0.8 and 1.5 inclusive as seen in Sledge's video


For configuration I recommend the following sequense:

  1. Setup sizes and enable for team/s
  2. Players join teams
  3. Pause game with Bakkesmod
  4. Players rejoin their team
  5. Resume -> Scaling of cars are working fine now

The host has to be on one of the teams - spectating as host does not work currently!


Small car


Large car


Known issues

  • Sometimes the car sinks into the ground
  • Your car does not appear as the correct size

To fix these issues just rejoin the team


If you have any questions feel free to hop onto the Bakkesmod Programming Discord Server

Alternatively you can contact me directly through discord using my tag: Oliver#1504