Better Steam Workshop Loader

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Author: ChuangTseu
First Uploaded: 11/07/2021
Last Updated: 11/18/2021
 Views: 50324
 Downloads: 27571
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A more efficient way to load Steam workshop maps.


Adds a new window that allows you to very quickly launch any workshop map that you installed through Steam.

Works from anywhere, no more "Go back to menu -> Play -> Custom Games -> Workshop -> Loading...".


Show maps in a dense grid

The grid view allows many more maps to be displayed at the same time vs the very small list from the official workshop loader.

You can also configure the number of columns in the grid (1 to 10 max) and the size (small, medium or large) of the preview pictures from the plugin settings tab.

Launch maps from anywhere

You don't need anymore to go to the main menu, then into an obscure sub section to open the workshop loader menu.

Open the window from anywhere and quickly launch a new map.

Died stupidly after 30s in Speed Jump: Rings 3 while attempting a PR? Open the loader, click play, start from 0s again :)

Re-order maps

You can re-order all your maps by clicking the left () arrows.

The order will be saved and persisted across launches.

How to open the in-game menu

Set a convenient keybind

You can easily bind the loader menu to F3 by going into F2 > plugins -> Better Steam Workshop Loader and clicking on Set Keybind. Feel free to change the key in the text box.

You can also run the following command in the bakkesmod console: bind any_key "togglemenu BetterSteamWorkshopLoader".

Click Open Workshop Loader from the plugin settings tab

Go to F2 > plugins -> Better Steam Workshop Loader and click on Open Workshop Loader.

Important notes:

Only Steam is supported

You won't be able to open the plugin if using the Epic Game version of Rocket League.

Only maps installed through the official Steam Workshop will be shown

Have a look at Workshop Map Loader & Downloader from Vync_ for downloading and loading non-steam workshop maps.

The plugin is 100% offline

Good news: no need for internet, no load time when opening the workshop loader.

Bad news: until the plugin is updated with an updated local database for titles and preview images, new workshop maps may not have the correct preview picture and title.