View Pulse OSM
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Pulse OSM


Pulse OSM car designOnly you have to double click Octane Paint on right side when you change team.
View Interstellar Wave
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Interstellar Wave


This car is something I stumbled across when testing different wheels. Original base design...
View Rizzo fennec [FIXED]
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Rizzo fennec [FIXED]


Rizzos fennec.Blue and orange side
View SquishyMuffinz octane design
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SquishyMuffinz octane design


code got updated again p
View Pulse Evample car
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Pulse Evample car


pulse evample
View Squishy Muffinz fennec 2021
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Squishy Muffinz fennec 2021


squishys fennec with the correct colors same on both teams alpha boost
View Freestyle Black Dominus
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Freestyle Black Dominus


Black and grey dominus design i use for freestyling. sorry for bad image quality my pc is trash
View Justin Nrg octane
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Justin Nrg octane


Justins NRG Octane . All right now have fun whit this preset
View Light Blue Fade
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Light Blue Fade


Clean Car Consisting of White Octane Infinuim Black Paper Dragons Goal Explosion Sky Blue Friction...
View Zenic's Golden Car
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Zenic's Golden Car


Here are the paint colors he uses if you wish to recreate it fully.https//
View Fennec Black Ice
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Fennec Black Ice


inspired by r6
View Pink Dissolver
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Pink Dissolver


Smooth pink themed car design with a hint of white.