View Dominus Freestyle Preset
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Dominus Freestyle Preset


Yo! Amazing Dominus Freestyle Preset with Stratum Badge decal! Blue and Orange team!
View Jstn's car he used in the RLCS Season 8 Grand Finals
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Jstn's car he used in the RLCS Season 8 Grand Finals


NRG decalOGregular octanealpha boostalpha wheelsbig splash goal explosion
View Black n Red
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Black n Red


Black and Red Opponent Dead
View Pulse Henkovic
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Pulse Henkovic


Pulse Henkovic Octane Car DesignThrustmaster Turnier
View Purple Wave
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Purple Wave


Looks best with skyline but for octane change car color to white
View Pink Dissolver
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Pink Dissolver


Smooth pink themed car design with a hint of white.
View Marc_by_8's car design
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Marc_by_8's car design


Marcby8s car design copied to the best of my ability.
View TW Dune Racer
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TW Dune Racer


Body Tw OctaneDecal Tw Dune RacerWheels Cristiano/GoldstonePaint Finish Primary Anodized PearlPaint...
View zen fennec ombre
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zen fennec ombre


Fennec Ombre design used by zen.Body Fennec unpaintedDecal OmbreWheels CristianoBoost Alpha...
View My New Freestyle Car
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My New Freestyle Car


Only for dominus
View clean white futuristic octane
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clean white futuristic octane


sorry for low quality image but put it on ingame i promise it looks great
View Squishy's latest Octane design (Jan 7, 2021)
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Squishy's latest Octane design (Jan 7, 2021)


This is SquishyMuffinz last octane design. I got it from this vid https//