Hoops Kickoff Practice

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Author: DaftPenguin
First Uploaded: 08/05/2020
Last Updated: 08/05/2020
 Views: 823
 Downloads: 278
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Controls spawn locations and prevents kickoff from starting until players move. Works in multiplayer freeplay sessions, too.


A BakkesMod plugin to help with practicing hoops kickoffs in freeplay.


Plugin adds two simple features when loading a Hoops freeplay session:

  1. Ball won't do kickoff motion until you move your car
  2. Disables spawn location randomization and spawn can be controlled via GUI (F2 -> Plugins -> Hoops Kickoff Practice to open, or F6 -> togglemenu hoopskickoffpractice)

These features work with multiple players in either a local freeplay session or a freeplay session via Rocket Plugin (select Hoops as the game mode in addition to selecting the Dunkhouse map).

Known Bugs

  • Plugin doesn't work on the first kickoff. Just reset the ball and it should work.
  • Player spawn locations don't update when new players join/leave until you reset the ball.
  • Every once in awhile the kickoff motion is scuffed and either moves too fast or barely moves at all.



  • Initial release