Auto Replay Uploader

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Author: tyni
First Uploaded: 06/13/2019
Last Updated: 03/12/2020
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 Downloads: 1602853
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Automatically uploads replays to and


Plugin Settings:

Upload to Calculated - Enable automatic replay uploading to Upload to Balchasing - Enable automatic replay uploading to

Replay visibility - Sets the replay visiblity on when it uploads a replay. Possible values include:

  • public
  • private
  • unlisted
  • Ballchasing auth key - an authentication key required by to autoupload replays. Get one at

Replay Name Template - A templatized string to name your replays. Possible token's that will be replaced are:

  • {PLAYER} - Name of current player
  • {MODE} - Game mode of replay (Private, Ranked Standard, etc...)
  • {NUM} - Current sequence number to allow for uniqueness
  • {YEAR} - Year since 1900 % 100, eg. 2019 returns 19
  • {MONTH} - Month 1-12
  • {DAY} - Day of the month 1-31
  • {HOUR} - Hour of the day 0-23
  • {MIN} - Min of the hour 0-59
  • {WL} - W or L depending on if the player won or lost
  • {WINLOSS} - Win or Loss depending on if the player won or lost
  • Replay Sequence Number - Value use in the {NUM} token in the replay name template above. Used to give uniqueness to games in a session or series. Usually you want this to start at 1 and it will auto increment from there every time it saves a replay.

Save Replays - Enable exporting all replay files to ExportPath setting

ExportPath - The path the plugin will save replays to