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Author: DaftPenguin
First Uploaded: 04/08/2021
Last Updated: 06/07/2021
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 Downloads: 13531
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Allows viewers to retrieve real-time data about your camera and sensitivity settings, equipped car items, and more!


This plugin is no longer being updated and provided as-is (loadout has been semi broken since patch 2.07). However, the plugin is open source and I will support any pull requests that are submitted.

Install the plugin and follow the setup instructions here:

For locally hosted bots, the plugin works by launching a lightweight local http server running in a separate thread than the game, with little to no impact on game performance, that the bot can connect to (see: This method should also work with dual PC streaming setups in the same LAN.

For externally hosted bots, the plugin launches a long lived web socket connection to my website and pushes the data as it changes in game (this method also works with local bots calling the external API). This data is stored in a database and is exposed through an external API on my site (data is kept even when you're not in RL). Logging into my website via Twitch is necessary for this to work as you will need to generate a token associated with your account in order to verify your connection (otherwise anyone could push fake data to your account). Don't expose your token on stream otherwise you will need to regenerate it. By default, it's kept hidden on the website and in the plugin.


  • Streamlabs
  • Bitcoin: 3J5Pov1cqdMFU5TSDw4Aqr8Lrpa1yAoQhC

I did not make this plugin with the intention of making money, but it costs me money to provide external bot support in both server costs and subscriptions for services this feature depends on.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and will further motivate me to continue developing the plugin and adding more features.

Special thanks to these streamers who helped a lot with debugging issues (sorry if I missed anyone)



  • Action commands added (users can now initiate commands in your game)
  • Added console commands to create fun action commands
  • Improved UI with tabs
  • Added workaround for MMR update bug for Steam
  • Improved bug reporting system
  • Fixed alpha console items showing in loadout when they don't support equipped items
  • Fixed bakkesmod color override showing when not enabled


  • Fixed bug causing plugin to break for anyone without Epic launcher installed (sorry, cross platform support is hard...)


  • Improved support for workshop maps
  • Added general map command
  • Added issue reporting system
  • Fixed bug with kbm bindings being pushed frequently when changes weren't made
  • Slight UI improvements for when buttons to open URLs fails


  • @PenguinDaft
  • Discord: DaftPenguin#5103
  • Twitch: DaftPenguin
  • Reddit: /u/DaftPenguinRL